An exciting scheme to engage students in STEM subjects begins this week.

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Science Technology Engineering and Maths make up subjects that are the cornerstone of building a modern society. The future prosperity of a nation could depend on the ability of its young people to adapt, embrace and develop new technology. At International School we are serious about ensuring that our students are well educated and prepared for the technical advancements of the future. Indeed, we are preparing our students to take up jobs in the future that do even exist yet.



Mr David Scales gives the welcoming address at the opening ceremony on Wednesday.




Year 10 students engaged in Modern Application Development. The session being taught by Mr Manfred Laporte.




NISTI CEO Mr Xavier Estico delivers the opening speech.





The program being launched today, by the National Institute for Science Technology and Innovation is a wonderful opportunity to further compliment the work being done at ISS. Everyone involved is very excited and looking forward to the sessions which are starting this week.

Over the next 9 weeks sessions will be delivered on the following topics:

  • Modern Application Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Frontier Technologies
  • Global Information Systems
  • Robotics
  • Space Science Technology
  • Airspace Management

Animals in School

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An update to let you know that last weeks kittens were adopted by a parent from EC section – many thanks to their daughter for her persuasive words. This week (just for today 18th March) we have 2 puppies in school also donated from the SSPCA

If anyone is interested in adopting them please contact Ms Sue Ansell (both are females but SSPCA will be able to spay them for you in the future)


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Recently, SSPCA representatives Jimmy and Suzanne came to visit ISS Wildlife
club. Jimmy spoke to the students about caring for their pets. The two
kittens that came to school from the cat shelter were well received by all
the Early Childhood children and each class was able to learn about what the
children need to provide each day for their pet. Many of the students are
already donating any food waste to the SSPCA by putting any uneaten food in
the bucket provided in the lunch area. This project was started by Year 8
pupils at the school and has been a great success. It also looks like the
kittens that came to visit us will find good homes.

And finally, please be advised that the Secondary Eco club is holding a Bake
Sale and Raffle on the 11th April. All proceeds from this will go to the


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Snakes in the classroom!

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Last week, Rachel Bristol visited ISS to speak to the Primary Wildlife club. As a Conservation Biologist she had managed to catch a local wolf snake (a coulev). It had been lurking near the pond in Le Niol looking for frogs or frogspawn as dusk fell. Luckily for ourgroup of enthusiastic animal lovers Rachel managed to obtain a one metre specimen for us to examine and she discussed its characteristics with us. This local snake is not venomous and there is no need to be afraid of it. It is a constrictor and crushes its prey. Many thanks to Rachel for visiting us twice in World Wildlife week. She also spoke to Year One and Two pupils students later in the week about endangered local wildlife plants and animals. 184 species of wildlife in Seychelles are endangered.



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